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    1. (noun) A bad-tempered, difficult, and often older person who is easily annoyed or angered. They tend to be cantankerous, grumpy, and prone to complaining about everything around them.


    The old curmudgeon at the end of the street was known for his constant grumbling about the neighborhood kids playing too loudly and the modern world in general.

    Fun Fact

    The origin of the word “curmudgeon” is uncertain, but it first appeared in print in the late 16th century. One amusing (though likely false) etymology suggests it comes from the French “coeur méchant,” meaning “evil heart.” In reality, its roots are probably English, possibly derived from some combination of “cur” (a mongrel dog) and a form of “mudgeon” (possibly related to words meaning to grumble). Despite its negative connotations, the term is sometimes used affectionately to describe lovably grouchy characters.

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