1. (noun) This radiant term combines “astral,” relating to the stars or celestial objects, with “lume,” a short form of luminescence or light. It’s used to describe the ethereal and luminous quality associated with celestial bodies or cosmic phenomena.


Picture a night sky filled with a dazzling array of stars, each emitting its unique glow. It’s not just a starry night; it’s an Astralume spectacle. You might say, “The stargazing experience was a true Astralume. The stars shone with a mesmerizing luminosity, creating a celestial light show.”

Fun Fact

“Astral” relates to anything connected to the stars or celestial objects, often associated with the cosmos, while “lume” is a short and stylish form of luminescence, signifying light. “Astralume” creatively combines these concepts to celebrate the ethereal and luminous qualities of the cosmic realm.