1. (adjective) This captivating word combines “astral,” relating to the stars or outer space, with “luxe,” short for luxury. It’s used to describe something that has an otherworldly, luxurious quality, often associated with elegance, opulence, and a touch of cosmic wonder.


Picture a breathtaking evening event where the decor is a blend of celestial-themed lighting and luxurious furnishings. You might say, “The gala last night was truly Astraluxe! The starry ceiling and the crystal chandeliers created a magical atmosphere.”

Fun Fact

The word “astral” originates from the Latin term “astralis,” meaning “pertaining to the stars.” It has been used in various contexts, including astral projection and astrology. “Astraluxe” takes this celestial association and adds a touch of extravagance, making it perfect for describing anything that feels out-of-this-world luxurious.