1. (noun) This enchanting term combines “aurora,” representing the stunning natural light display in the polar regions, with “aura,” signifying a distinctive atmosphere or quality. It’s used to describe a captivating and otherworldly presence, reminiscent of the beauty found in the auroras.


Picture a serene night in the Arctic where the aurora borealis paints the sky with vibrant colors, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere. It’s not just a celestial display; it’s an Auroravura experience. You might say, “The night under the Northern Lights was a true Auroravura. The dancing colors created a distinctive and enchanting aura.”

Fun Fact

“Aurora” refers to the stunning natural light display, often seen in polar regions, while “aura” signifies a distinctive atmosphere or quality. “Auroravura” creatively combines these concepts to celebrate the captivating and otherworldly presence inspired by the beauty of the auroras.