Word Of The Day


Today's Word Vainglorious [veyn-GLOR-ee-us] Definition (noun) Someone who is excessively proud of their own achievements, abilities, or appearance. It refers to a person who is boastful and overly confident, often in a way that is irritating or offensive to others. Example The vainglorious CEO couldn’t stop talking about his company’s success, attributing every accomplishment to […]


Today's Word Zany [ZAY-nee] Definition (adjective) Someone or something that is amusingly unconventional, bizarre, or foolish. It often refers to a person who behaves in a comically silly or unpredictable manner, or to situations that are humorously crazy or absurd. Example The children’s TV show host was known for his zany antics, which included wearing […]


Today's Word Shenanigans [shuh-NAN-i-guhns] Definition (noun) Mischievous or playful behavior, often involving tricks or pranks. It can also describe secret or dishonest activity, typically of a playful or minor nature. The term is usually used in the plural form. Example The office manager warned the employees that their lunchtime shenanigans, which included elaborate practical jokes, […]


Today's Word Curmudgeon [kur-MUJ-un] Definition (noun) A bad-tempered, difficult, and often older person who is easily annoyed or angered. They tend to be cantankerous, grumpy, and prone to complaining about everything around them. Example The old curmudgeon at the end of the street was known for his constant grumbling about the neighborhood kids playing too […]


Today's Word Fandangle [FAN-dang-guhl] Definition (noun) An ornate or showy decoration, trinket, or unnecessary embellishment. It can also refer to a complicated or elaborate process or activity, often one that is seen as unnecessarily complex or frivolous. Example The new smartphone came with so many fandangles and features that most users found it overwhelming and […]


Today's Word Gumption [GUMP-shun] Definition (noun) A spirited initiative, resourcefulness, courage, and common sense. It describes a person’s ability to get things done with energy and determination, often in the face of difficulties or challenges. Example Despite facing numerous setbacks, the young entrepreneur showed real gumption by persevering and eventually turning her small start-up into […]


Today's Word Skullduggery [SKUL-dug-uh-ree] Definition (noun) Underhanded or unscrupulous behavior; it often involves trickery, deception, or clandestine activities. This term is used to describe dishonest, devious, or fraudulent conduct, typically carried out in a secretive manner. Example The company’s financial records revealed years of skullduggery, with hidden accounts and falsified reports designed to deceive investors […]


Today's Word Apparatchik [ah-puh-RAT-chik] Definition (noun) A blindly devoted official, follower, or member of an organization, especially a political party. It typically refers to someone who follows orders and policies without question, often prioritizing their position within the system over independent thought or action. Example As a longtime apparatchik of the ruling party, John always […]


Today's Word Quagmire [KWAG-myer] Definition (noun) A complex, difficult, or unpleasant situation that is hard to escape from. It’s often used to describe a predicament or circumstance that seems to worsen the more one struggles with it, similar to being stuck in a muddy swamp. Example The company found itself in a financial quagmire after […]


Today's Word Whippersnapper [WHIP-er-snap-er] Definition (noun) A young and inexperienced person who is presumptuous or overconfident. It’s often used by older people to describe younger individuals who they perceive as cheeky, impertinent, or lacking respect for their elders. Example The grumpy old man shouted at the whippersnapper to get off his lawn, muttering about how […]