1. (noun) A noisy, overexcited reaction or response to something, often marked by confusion, commotion, and controversy. It can refer to a state of public uproar or a heated dispute that generates a lot of attention and discussion.


The celebrity’s controversial tweet caused a massive brouhaha on social media, with fans and critics alike weighing in on the issue and creating a storm of opinions and arguments.


Fun Fact

The origin of “brouhaha” is somewhat uncertain, but it is believed to have entered the English language in the late 19th century from the French word “brouhaha,” which means a noisy or overexcited response. Some linguists suggest that the French word might have been derived from the Hebrew phrase “barukh habba,” meaning “blessed be he who enters,” which was used as a shout of welcome or acclaim. Others propose that it could be related to the Spanish word “alboroto,” meaning a noisy disturbance or uproar. Regardless of its exact origins, “brouhaha” has become a popular and expressive way to describe a state of noisy, confused excitement or controversy, often with a touch of humor or irony.