1. (noun) This captivating term combines “celestial,” signifying things related to the heavens or the cosmos, with “prestige,” representing a high status or reputation. It’s used to describe a moment, event, or achievement that holds a special, almost otherworldly, level of distinction and importance.


Imagine attending an awards ceremony where a renowned astrophysicist is honored for groundbreaking discoveries about the universe, and the event is attended by astronauts, world leaders, and the most distinguished minds in science. You might say, “The awards ceremony was a true Celestige. It celebrated the cosmic achievements of our brilliant scientist.”

Fun Fact

“Celestial” relates to the skies and the cosmos, often associated with the heavenly and the divine. “Prestige” denotes high regard and esteem. “Celestige” cleverly blends these concepts to celebrate moments and achievements that hold a special, almost ethereal, status and distinction.