1. (noun) This captivating term combines “chortle,” signifying a joyful and hearty laugh, with “craft,” representing skill in making things by hand. It’s used to describe the art of creating something, often with a touch of humor, that brings genuine and hearty laughter to those who experience it.


Imagine someone who excels in creating whimsical and humorous art, whether it’s through illustrations, comics, or any other medium. Their work never fails to elicit chortles of laughter from the audience. You might say, “He’s a true Chortlecraft artist. His creations are not only skillfully made but also incredibly funny.”

Fun Fact

A “chortle” is a mix of a chuckle and a snort, representing hearty laughter, while “craft” signifies skill in creating something by hand. “Chortlecraft” ingeniously combines these concepts to celebrate the skillful art of creating humorous content that brings genuine and hearty laughter.