1. (adjective) A “coruscant” is a person who is brilliant, dazzling, and full of energy. They possess a lively and quick-witted intellect that shines brightly, often leaving others in awe of their mental agility and sparkling personality.


The debate team was led by a coruscant speaker whose arguments were so eloquent and well-crafted that the opposing team struggled to keep up with her quick thinking and sharp wit.


Fun Fact

In astronomy, “coruscant” is used to describe a celestial object, such as a star, that appears to be shimmering or twinkling rapidly. This effect is caused by the Earth’s atmosphere refracting the light from the object, making it appear to flicker or dance in the night sky. The word “coruscant” comes from the Latin word “coruscare,” which means “to flash, glitter, or sparkle.” In science fiction, “Coruscant” is also the name of a fictional planet in the Star Wars universe, known for its dazzling, city-covered surface that gleams like a jewel in space.