1. (adjective) This elegant term combines “ephemeral,” signifying something transitory or short-lived, with “luxe,” representing luxury and opulence. It’s used to describe something that is not only exquisite but also possesses a brief and exquisite beauty.


Picture a field of cherry blossoms in full bloom, creating a breathtaking and luxurious display that lasts only for a short period. It’s not just a moment in time; it’s an Ephemeraluxe experience. You might say, “The cherry blossom season is a true Ephemeraluxe. The beauty of the blooms is not only exquisite but also fleeting.”

Fun Fact

“Ephemeral” refers to something transitory or short-lived, often associated with the fleeting nature of beauty, while “luxe” signifies luxury and opulence. “Ephemeraluxe” creatively combines these concepts to celebrate the brief yet luxurious beauty found in transient moments.