1. (adjective) A playful portmanteau blending “essence” and “luscious,” this word describes something that captures the very essence or quintessential nature of a delightful experience, sensation, or indulgence in a lusciously appealing way.


The artisanal chocolate shop’s decadent truffles were an essenscious delight, their rich flavors and velvety textures epitomizing the very essence of indulgent, luscious confectionery perfection.


Fun Fact

The term “essenscious” celebrates the idea that certain experiences or indulgences can so perfectly embody the essence of what makes them delightful that they become the epitome or quintessential representation of that pleasure. It suggests a level of sensory appeal that is not just enjoyable but also captures the very essence of what makes that particular indulgence so lusciously appealing and memorable.