[yoo-fon-uh-lish-uh s]


  1. (noun) A portmanteau of “euphonic” (pleasing to the ear) and “delicious,” this term describes words, phrases, or sounds that are utterly delightful and delectable to the ear, creating linguistic bliss.


When you hear a particularly mellifluous turn of phrase or a beautifully constructed sentence, you might exclaim, “That poetic line was simply euphonalicious! The words danced on my eardrums like a sonorous symphony.” It’s a nod to the auditory indulgence of savoring linguistic artistry.


Fun Fact

While “delicious” typically refers to something pleasing to the sense of taste, “euphonalicious” playfully extends this concept to the sense of hearing. It suggests that certain combinations of sounds and words can be just as tantalizing and delightful as a mouthwatering treat, but for the ears instead of the taste buds.