1. (noun) A portmanteau of “euphony” (a pleasing sound) and “eup(h)oria” (a state of intense happiness), this term describes the blissful, euphorically joyful state that arises from experiencing exquisitely melodious sounds, harmonious tones, or beautifully orchestrated auditory experiences.


As the skilled violinist’s bow danced across the strings, weaving a tapestry of rich, velvety notes, the audience was enveloped in a state of euphonyria, their souls transported by the sheer euphoric beauty of the music.


Fun Fact

While euphoria typically refers to an intense feeling of joy or excitement, “euphonyria” specifically links this state of bliss to the experience of pleasing, harmonious sounds. It captures the notion that certain auditory experiences can be so exquisitely melodious that they trigger a profound sense of euphoric happiness, akin to the soul being serenaded by the most beautiful symphony.