1. (noun) A person who is excessively talkative, flighty, and prone to gossip. They are known for their rapid, often nonsensical chatter and their tendency to flit from one topic to another without much coherence or substance.


The new hire’s constant stream of idle chatter and office gossip quickly earned her a reputation as the office flibbertigibbet, making it difficult for her colleagues to concentrate on their work.


Fun Fact

The word “flibbertigibbet” first appeared in the 15th century and is believed to have originated from a combination of the words “flibber,” meaning “to flap or flutter,” and “gibbet,” referring to a frivolous or chattering person. The term gained popularity in the 20th century after being featured in the song “Maria” from the musical “The Sound of Music,” where it was used to describe the main character’s lively and talkative nature. Despite its whimsical sound and amusing connotations, being labeled a flibbertigibbet is generally not considered a compliment, as it implies a lack of substance and a tendency to engage in frivolous or unproductive conversation.