1. (verb) To be confused, perplexed, or baffled by something. It often describes a state of bewilderment or uncertainty, typically caused by a complex problem or a surprising turn of events.


The detective was flummoxed by the seemingly unsolvable case, with every new piece of evidence only adding to the mystery and confusion.

Fun Fact

The origin of “flummoxed” is somewhat uncertain, but it is believed to have first appeared in English dialect in the early 19th century. One theory suggests that it might be derived from the verb “flummock,” meaning to make untidy or to confuse, which itself could be related to the English dialect word “flummox,” meaning to bewilder or perplex. Regardless of its exact origins, “flummoxed” has become a popular and expressive term to describe a state of confusion or bewilderment, often with a touch of humor or exasperation at the complexity of a situation.