1. (noun) A whimsical portmanteau of “frolic” and “euphoria,” this term describes a state of pure, unbridled euphoria and blissful delight experienced through frolicking, playful activities that ignite the spirit with a sense of carefree joy and merriment.


The children’s laughter and squeals of delight as they frolicked through the sprinklers on a hot summer day were the epitome of frolicaphoria, their joyful play and carefree revelry radiating an infectious euphoria that filled the air with a palpable sense of playful bliss.


Fun Fact

The concept of “frolicaphoria” celebrates the idea that engaging in playful, frolicking activities can induce a state of pure, unadulterated euphoria and blissful delight. It suggests that the act of letting go and embracing one’s inner child through uninhibited play can ignite the soul with a profound sense of carefree joy and merriment, creating an atmosphere of frolicaphoria that uplifts the spirits and fills the heart with the euphoric bliss of playful abandon.