1. (noun) A delightful portmanteau of “gemmel” (twin) and “felicity” (intense happiness), this term describes the sublime joy and rapture experienced when witnessing the stunning duality or twin aspects of nature’s beauty, evoking a sense of resplendent bliss.


The breathtaking vista of the twin waterfalls cascading into a crystalline pool below was a true gemmelity, the harmonious duality of the roaring torrents and the serene basin below creating a resplendent scene that filled the onlookers with a sense of profound felicity and awe.

Fun Fact

The concept of “gemmelity” celebrates the idea that certain natural phenomena or environments possess a beautiful duality or twin aspect that, when experienced together, evokes a profound sense of happiness and blissful rapture. It suggests that the harmony and resplendence found in the interplay of contrasting yet complementary natural elements can ignite the soul with a sublime sense of felicity, creating an experience of pure, gemmelity-inducing joy.