1. (noun) This captivating term combines “giggle,” signifying laughter or amusement, with “entrepreneur,” representing someone who starts and manages a business. It’s used to describe an individual who builds a business that thrives on humor, entertainment, or the joy of making people laugh.


Imagine someone who starts a company that creates and sells hilarious, whimsical products, and they’re known for their witty marketing campaigns that make people burst into laughter. You might say, “She’s a true Gigglepreneur. Her business not only succeeds but also brings joy to everyone it touches.”

Fun Fact

“Giggle” represents laughter and amusement, often associated with a light and playful spirit, while “entrepreneur” signifies a business creator and manager. “Gigglepreneur” cleverly combines these concepts to celebrate those who turn laughter and humor into a thriving business.