1. (noun) This captivating term combines “glamour,” signifying an alluring beauty and charm, with “aura,” representing the distinctive atmosphere or vibe that surrounds a person or place. It’s used to describe an individual or a place that exudes an enchanting and magnetic aura of elegance and allure.


Imagine attending a grand gala event where a celebrity arrives, and their presence lights up the room with an unmistakable charm and allure. You might say, “Her entrance was a true Glamoura. The room seemed to sparkle when she arrived.”

Fun Fact

“Glamour” has its origins in the Scots word “gramarye,” meaning enchantment or magic. “Aura” comes from the Latin word for “breeze” or “air.” “Glamoura” cleverly blends these concepts to celebrate the enchanting and magical aura of glamour and elegance.