[hahr-mohn-sen-shuh n]


  1. (noun) A mellifluous fusion of “harmony” and “ascension,” this term describes the experience of ascending into a state of pure, melodic bliss through the power of harmonious sounds and euphonic convergence, elevating the senses to a higher plane of auditory rapture.


As the choir’s voices intertwined in perfect harmonic unison, their melodies soared through the sacred space, ushering in a profound harmonscension that lifted the spirits of the audience and transported them into a realm of melodic bliss, where their souls ascended on the wings of ethereal harmony.


Fun Fact

The concept of “harmonscension” celebrates the idea that certain musical experiences can be so harmoniously sublime that they elevate the listener to a higher plane of existence – a transcendent state of melodic rapture and auditory bliss. It suggests a convergence of harmonic perfection so profound that it ignites a metaphorical ascension within the soul, carrying it aloft on the currents of euphonic ecstasy and immersing it in the pure, celestial bliss of harmonious ascendance.