1. (noun) A loud, noisy commotion or uproar, often caused by a large group of people expressing excitement, anger, or confusion. It can also refer to a situation or event that is marked by chaos, confusion, or controversy.


The controversial new school policy caused quite a hullabaloo among parents and students, who voiced their opinions at a heated school board meeting.


Fun Fact

The origin of “hullabaloo” is uncertain, but it is believed to have first appeared in the English language in the late 18th century. Some linguists suggest that it might be derived from the Irish phrase “Uile-a-bualadh,” which means “striking all together,” referring to the synchronized movements of a group of people. Others propose that it could be related to the Dutch word “hollen,” meaning to shout or make a noise, and “bollen,” meaning to make a loud noise or to shout. Regardless of its exact origins, “hullabaloo” has become a popular and expressive way to describe a state of noisy confusion or excitement, often adding a touch of humor or exasperation to the description of a chaotic situation.