1. (noun) This electrifying term combines “jubilation,” the state of feeling extremely joyful and triumphant, with “thrill,” the intense feeling of excitement. It’s used to describe the thrilling rush of happiness and excitement that accompanies moments of jubilation.


Imagine you’re at a stadium watching your favorite sports team win a championship game in the final seconds. The roar of the crowd and the sense of victory create an unforgettable experience. You might say, “Being part of that moment was pure Jubilithrill! The energy in the stadium was electric.”

Fun Fact

“Jubilation” has its origins in the Latin word “jubilare,” meaning “to shout for joy.” “Thrill” has a long history in English, initially related to the act of piercing something with a sharp object. “Jubilithrill” beautifully combines these concepts to encapsulate the euphoria of celebratory moments.