1. (noun) A commotion or fuss, usually caused by a minor disagreement or misunderstanding. It’s often used to describe a situation where people are making a bigger deal out of something than necessary, leading to confusion and disorder.


The office was in a kerfuffle after someone accidentally sent out the wrong version of the monthly report, causing a flurry of panicked emails and phone calls.


Fun Fact

The  origin of the word “kerfuffle” is somewhat of a mystery. It’s believed to have emerged in the early 19th century, possibly as a blend of the Scottish words “curfuffle,” meaning “disorder,” and “fuffle,” meaning “to dishevel.” Another theory suggests that it might be derived from the Irish word “cior thual,” which means “confusion” or “disorder.” Regardless of its origins, “kerfuffle” has become a popular and whimsical way to describe minor chaos or commotion in everyday life, often adding a touch of humor to an otherwise stressful situation.