1. (verb) To waste time by idling, dawdling, or engaging in aimless activities. It often implies a lack of focus or sense of urgency, as if someone is just lazing about without a clear purpose or direction.


Instead of lollygagging on the couch all day, the students decided to make the most of their summer break by volunteering at a local community center.


Fun Fact

The origins of “lollygag” are somewhat uncertain, but it is believed to have first appeared in the mid-19th century in the United States. One theory suggests that it might be derived from the word “lolly,” which was a slang term for the tongue, and “gag,” meaning to choke or strangle. This could imply that someone who is lollygagging is metaphorically choking on their own tongue, or in other words, wasting time by talking idly or engaging in unproductive activities. Another theory proposes that “lollygag” might be related to the word “loll,” which means to lounge or recline lazily, further emphasizing the idea of wasting time through idleness. Regardless of its exact origins, “lollygag” has become a playful and evocative way to describe the act of frittering away time without purpose or direction.