1. (noun) This dazzling term combines “luminous,” signifying emitting light or glowing, with “euphoria,” representing a state of intense happiness and excitement. It’s used to describe the exhilarating and joyous feeling inspired by radiant light.


Picture a moment when the sun breaks through the clouds, casting a warm and golden glow on everything around you, creating an overwhelming sense of happiness. It’s not just a sunny day; it’s a Lumiphoria. You might say, “Stepping into the sunlight after a rainy day brought a true Lumiphoria. The radiant glow filled me with a sense of euphoria.”

Fun Fact

“Luminous” relates to emitting light or glowing, often associated with brilliance, while “euphoria” signifies a state of intense happiness and excitement. “Lumiphoria” creatively combines these concepts to celebrate the exhilarating joy inspired by radiant light.