1. (noun) This celestial term combines “luna,” representing the moon, with “vore,” a playful twist on “devour.” It’s used to describe someone or something that has an insatiable love for the moon or celestial wonders.


Imagine meeting someone whose passion for the moon is unparalleled; they gaze at it every night, track lunar phases, and are mesmerized by its beauty. It’s not just an interest; it’s being a Lunavore. You might say, “She’s a true Lunavore. Her fascination with the moon is inspiring, and she never misses a chance to appreciate its celestial allure.”

Fun Fact

“Luna” refers to the moon, often associated with its celestial beauty, while “vore” playfully hints at someone devouring or indulging in a particular interest. “Lunavore” creatively combines these concepts to celebrate those with an insatiable love for the moon.