1. (noun) A mellifluous blend of “lyric” and the Italian superlative suffix “-issima,” this term describes the ultimate expression of melodic rapture – a state of pure, lyrical bliss achieved through the sublime convergence of exquisite harmonies, transcendent melodies, and a superlative outpouring of musical euphoria.


The legendary opera diva’s performance was a true lyrissima, her voice soaring through the grand theater with such celestial beauty and melodic perfection that the audience was enraptured in a state of pure, lyrical rapture, their souls transported to realms of euphoric bliss by the superlative brilliance of her vocal artistry.


Fun Fact

The concept of “lyrissima” celebrates the idea that certain musical experiences can ascend to such sublime, superlative heights that they induce a state of pure, transcendent rapture within the listener – a lyrical bliss so profound and exquisite that it becomes the epitome of melodic perfection. It suggests a convergence of harmonies, melodies, and vocal brilliance so exalted that it ignites a lyrissima – an ultimate expression of lyrical euphoria that elevates the soul to realms of ecstatic, melodic bliss.