1. (adjective) A person who is endearingly idealistic, romantic, and always ready for an adventure. They have a knack for seeing the world through rose-colored glasses and are often swept up in grand, imaginative ideas.


With her quixotica nature, Lila always found a way to turn even the most mundane tasks into exciting quests, making everyday life feel like a whimsical adventure.


Fun Fact

The term “quixotica” is derived from the character Don Quixote, the protagonist of Miguel de Cervantes’ famous Spanish novel “Don Quixote.” In the book, Don Quixote is a dreamer who sets out on a quest to revive chivalry and bring justice to the world, often getting caught up in his own imaginative delusions. The novel has inspired countless adaptations and has even influenced the English language, giving rise to the adjective “quixotic,” which describes someone who is exceedingly idealistic and impractical.