1. (adjective) A word that describes someone or something that is energetic, boisterous, and difficult to control. It often refers to a person, especially a child, who is full of enthusiasm and tends to be overly active or unruly


The substitute teacher had her hands full with the rambunctious group of second-graders, who seemed more interested in running around the classroom than listening to the lesson.


Fun Fact

The word “rambunctious” first appeared in American English in the early 19th century, likely as a combination of the words “ram,” meaning to act with force or violence, and “rumbustious,” an older word meaning boisterous or unruly. The term quickly gained popularity as a way to describe lively, energetic, and sometimes uncontrollable behavior, particularly in children and young animals. Interestingly, while “rambunctious” is often used to describe behavior that is seen as disruptive or challenging, it can also have a positive connotation, implying a sense of enthusiasm, curiosity, and zest for life that, when channeled appropriately, can lead to great things.