1. (adjective) A word to describe something or someone that is brilliantly clever, engaging, and highly entertaining. It’s often used to refer to a conversation, performance, or idea that sparkles with wit, intelligence, and charm, leaving you mentally stimulated and eager for more.


The dinner party was a huge success, thanks to the scintillating conversation that flowed throughout the evening, touching on topics ranging from art and philosophy to the latest scientific breakthroughs.


Fun Fact

In the literal sense, “scintillating” refers to something that sparkles or emits flashes of light. This word comes from the Latin word “scintilla,” which means “spark.” In astronomy, a scintillation is the twinkling or flickering of stars caused by the Earth’s atmosphere distorting the light as it reaches our eyes. Much like how the twinkling stars capture our attention in the night sky, a scintillating conversation or performance captivates and dazzles us with its brilliance and spark.