[snuhg-uh-lish-uh s]


  1. (adjective) A delightfully cozy portmanteau blending “snuggle” and “delicious,” this term describes a state of absolute comfort, warmth, and contented bliss akin to being enveloped in a deliciously snug embrace, indulging in the ultimate pleasure of cozy contentment.


As the gentle pitter-patter of rain danced on the windowpane, Sarah curled up in her plush armchair, a soft blanket draped over her, and savored the snuggelicious feeling of being safely ensconced in her cozy sanctuary, relishing the simple delight of surrendering to absolute comfort and contentment.


Fun Fact

The concept of “snuggelicious” celebrates the idea that certain experiences or environments can be so deliciously cozy and comforting that they induce a state of pure, contented bliss within the individual. It suggests a sense of warmth, security, and absolute comfort so indulgent and pleasurable that it evokes the same satisfaction and delight as savoring a deliciously decadent treat – a true surrender to the snuggelicious embrace of cozy contentment.