1. (verb) A scintillating fusion of “thrill” and “illumination,” this term describes the act of igniting a sense of rapturous wonder and exhilarating delight within someone, illuminating their soul with the dazzling spark of awe-inspired euphoria.


The world-renowned illusionist’s mind-bending performance had the power to thrillumanate the audience, her astounding feats of magic and illusion igniting a sense of rapturous wonder that illuminated their souls with the thrill of childlike amazement and euphoric delight.


Fun Fact

The concept of “thrillumanation” celebrates the idea that certain experiences or spectacles possess the ability to awaken a profound sense of wonder and exhilaration within the beholder, igniting their spirit with the dazzling spark of rapturous delight. It suggests a state of being where the soul is illuminated by the thrill of awe-inspiring amazement, evoking a euphoric sense of childlike wonder that transcends the ordinary and elevates the individual to a higher plane of rapturous enchantment.