1. (noun) A serene fusion of “tranquil” and “illuminescence” (the quality of giving off a soft, glowing light), this term describes a state of profound, illuminating tranquility that radiates a soft, glowing peace, soothing the soul and filling one with a sense of serene enlightenment.


As the sun dipped below the horizon, the still waters of the secluded lake took on a twillumescence, reflecting the hues of the twilight sky in a soft, glowing radiance that enveloped the surroundings in a tranquil, illuminating serenity.


Fun Fact

The concept of “twillumescence” celebrates the idea that certain moments or environments can be imbued with such profound tranquility that they seem to radiate a soft, glowing illumination – a serene luminescence that gently illuminates the soul and fills one with a sense of enlightened peace. It suggests a state of being where tranquility and illumination converge, creating an aura of glowing serenity that soothes the spirit and invites one to bask in the gentle radiance of inner peace and enlightenment.