1. (noun) A sumptuous blend of “velvet” and “euphoria,” this term describes a state of pure, indulgent bliss evoked by the sensation of velvety softness and luxurious texture, enveloping the senses in a rapturous experience of tactile opulence.


As she slipped between the exquisitely soft, high-thread-count sheets, Sarah was enveloped in a velluphoria, the velvety caress of the fine fabric against her skin inducing a euphoric sense of indulgent luxury that left her feeling utterly pampered and blissfully relaxed.


Fun Fact

The concept of “velluphoria” celebrates the idea that certain textures and materials can be so exquisitely soft and luxurious that they evoke a profound sense of euphoric indulgence within the beholder. It suggests a tactile experience so sumptuous and velvety that it transcends mere physical sensation, instead inducing a state of rapturous bliss akin to being enveloped in the most decadent of fabrics – a true immersion in the velluphoria of velvety indulgence.