1. (noun) This sumptuous term combines “velvet,” signifying a soft and luxurious fabric, with “sensation,” representing a strong and pleasing feeling. It’s used to describe a moment of exquisite comfort or indulgence that feels as soft and luxurious as velvet.


Picture yourself sinking into a plush velvet chair, wrapped in a cozy blanket, with a warm beverage in hand, and the soft glow of a lamp creating a soothing ambiance. It’s not just a comfortable setting; it’s a Velvetation. You might say, “Curling up with a book in the cozy corner of my room was a true Velvetation. The softness and warmth created a sensation of pure comfort.”

Fun Fact

“Velvet” relates to a soft and luxurious fabric, often associated with comfort, while “sensation” signifies a strong and pleasing feeling. “Velvetation” creatively combines these concepts to celebrate the luxurious and comforting moments that evoke a velvety sensation.