1. (verb) To march or hike with heavy equipment or baggage over difficult terrain. The term originated in British military slang and is often associated with long, challenging marches or treks.


The soldiers yomped through the dense jungle for hours, carrying their heavy backpacks and weapons, determined to reach their destination before nightfall.


Fun Fact

The term “yomp” gained widespread recognition during the 1982 Falklands War between the United Kingdom and Argentina. British Royal Marines, who were tasked with retaking the islands, had to undertake a grueling 56-mile (90-kilometer) trek across the Falklands’ rugged, boggy terrain while carrying heavy equipment and supplies. This arduous march became known as the “yomp” and was a defining moment in the conflict. The term “yomp” is believed to have originated from the Royal Marines’ slang, possibly as a blend of the words “yawn” and “stomp,” reflecting the exhaustion and difficulty of the long marches. Today, “yomp” is used more broadly to describe any challenging hike or trek, particularly one undertaken with heavy gear or in difficult conditions.