1. (adjective) An informal term meaning to be drunk or intoxicated. It can also describe someone who is in a dazed or confused state, as if under the influence of alcohol.


After a long night of partying, the college students stumbled back to their dorms, completely zozzled and ready to sleep off the evening’s excesses.

Fun Fact

The exact origin of “zozzled” is unknown, but it is believed to have emerged in American slang during the early 20th century. The term might be related to the older slang word “sozzled,” which also means to be drunk or intoxicated. One theory suggests that “zozzled” could be a playful variation of “sozzled,” with the initial “z” sound adding a humorous or whimsical touch to the term. Another possibility is that “zozzled” might be a blend of “sozzled” and the word “zonked,” which means to be exhausted or in a dazed state.